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Playland's Curriculum

Our Christian preschool curriculum includes: Christian values, problem solving, language skills, health and safety, listening activities, motor coordination, perceptual motor activities, discovery/sensory experiences, cooking experience, nutritious daily snack with 100% fruit juice, reading, ABC’s, music, art, drama, science and crafts. In addition, we have field trips, Mom’s day, Dad’s day, parent informational programs and many other fun activities throughout the year.

The Playland  also offers  enrichment classes, and implements IXL as apart of the online curriculum.  The monthly sanctuary visits with the Pastors is a way of imparting the spiritual aspect of the foundation of Woodlawn Anointed Playland.

Christian Observances

  • A child’s faith is kindled and nurtured by the presence of teachers and staff who believe and care.

  • A daily prayer is said before School starts and at snack time.

  • Stories with a Biblical text are read accompanied with related follow up activities.

  • Christian holidays are observed with classroom activities.

  • Monthly Bible memory verse and Q and A's.

  • Monthly Sanctuary visits .

Daycare / Christian Private School

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